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Damn good Chirashi don.

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Japan Day 5, spent in Kyoto. I think the .jpegs speak a great story alr, but it’s a pity that I can only upload 10!!!! :(

Anyway, apart from the torii gates, which are like a few hundred thousands of them set on top a mountain. So really, you’re actually climbing a mountain while admiring the torii gates!!! But of course, it took a toll on us when we reached mid mountain and just couldn’t climb anymore OMG.

After that, took the train and spotted some super adorable japanese school children!!!! Naww :-) went to this tennoji temple I think, that I’ve been before so I didn’t rly go in, but accompanied my cousins on another TORTURING CLIMB. Before that, we had delicious udon and ice cream along the streets :-)

Then we walked even more, to the 一街 and 二街 or smth hahaha and saw rly beautiful architecture :-) at that time I also saw this girl whom was from raffles and whom I found on Instagram, was in Kyoto too!! Mutual friends + stalking HAHAHAH. Felt quite funny.
Did a bit of shopping along the way, and then we walked to Gion!! (Geisha territory), before that we had Starbucks hahahah. Anw a pity we couldn’t see any geisha there :(

Headed back to the hotel and that’s about it!!! oh. I had the best Chirashi don ever for dinner yeah man.

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Fushimi Inari Shrine

WHICH IS SO PRETTY IT WARRANTS 10 photos on it. ❤️❤️❤️

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Japan Day 4!

The start of our adventures in Kyoto :) it was such a magical place, cultural and filled with beautiful sights that seemed to come right out from a postcard.

We took a 1hr train ride from Osaka to Kyoto (and have I mentioned how awesome it is that the Japanese install wifi in their train stations??), and arrived at Arashiyama which is basically a town/street with lots of street food, souvenir shops and all things Kyoto. The main highlight was of course the majestic Arashiyama bamboo forest which as the name suggests, is a forest of bamboos!!! So pretty right :) nature at it’s best!!! It was so crowded so nice pictures were slightly difficult to take, but somehow my family managed to find this place to take photos hahahhaha.

The shopping was great as well, Kyoto products and delicacies. For me, I bought an iPhone cover made in Kyoto and hence is probably one of those that nobody has in singapore hehehe yay. There were also hello kitty shops and many souvenir shops to pique the interest of tourists. After shopping and dining at Arashiyama, we took a taxi down to the Golden Pavillion as it was starting to drizzle! The cab fare was super cheap btw! 600¥ so about $7 odd

The Golden Pavilion itself was also very majestic and the history of it dates back to 1300s, and even with war and strife in the past, the Pavilion was not destroyed and stood tall till today! Every detail of the structure is v intricate, especially the bronze Phoenix above it hahaha.

Spent some time walking around the entire historic area before taking a taxi down to Kyoto station to check out the Kyoto tower and taking a train back to Osaka! Then we went to the shinsaibashi and dotonbori streets near our hotel to shop and eat yay :-)

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), dir. Wes Anderson

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"They were embracing material things and expecting a sort of hug back. But it never works. You can’t substitute material things for love or for gentleness or for tenderness or for a sense of comradeship."

Felt as though this depicted the lack of love leading to my personal rat race and pride, possession and competitiveness since primary school. Your environment shapes you. But now that the environment has changed, and rediscovered, will things unravel in a different way?

— 2 weeks ago
Thoughts for the day

Had a really really weird dream today. Its morally wrong and stuff oh gosh what has been creeping into my brain. :( Also, have lots of backlog to clear. 

Need to blog about:

  1. Japan Day 4,5,6,7,8
  2. SD Kenshu
  3. USP Camp
  4. Pathlight Youth Day
  5. Diner En Blanc
  6. Staycation with Daniel!
  7. USP Rag (officially pulled out from Science Rag im sorry!!), and dinner with Azarya. 

Today I woke up at 12PM, talked to D, read up on my NUS stuff - modules and what not, planned my schedule, will go shop for assessment books for new tuition kid, teach tuition kid, go home and prep for other stuff! 

On another note, I’m actually pretty excited for University life, it seems really exciting but extremely daunting at the same time :( Feels like I haven’t been studying much, apart from learning Italian (for a short period, which I should really get back to), and teaching my kids, but university is a whole new ball game altogether :( Just looking at my WCT module, and feeling all sorts of OMG, bcuz there’s just so much writing to do and sighpie idk i just dont feel ready hahaha or maybe its bcuz I haven’t gotten my stationery yet. In any case, I really hope all goes well! 

In other better news, MOE finally replied with a ‘send me your documents’ email. I guess I’m enrolled into the second cycle since I got referred to them so late :( Hope all is well! Will start on my interview prep. Till then!

— 2 weeks ago

Things I’ve been up to but completely forgetting to blog about. And my tumblr is so messy right now with all the backlogs and shit omg :(

First photo from 14/6/14 after I touched down from Japan, went to sleep and woke up at 11am to go for Scholaris! So blessed that D woke up to send me there and fetch me home from it as well :’) The event was pretty alright, made friends and met Azarya house!!

Second photo was from 15/6/14 when I went over to Daniel’s to pass him the gifts I got for him from Japan, pass gifts for his brothers and food for his family! We nua-ed at home to watch About Time which was a very heartfelt movie that made me tear from the relationship between Father and Son, while the quirks of the relationship between the couple were rly hilarious heh. We both learnt a life lesson to truly live and appreciate each moment :-). Then the entire family and I went to Cafe Melba for lunch and it was such a feast!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

The next day, I went to NUS to settle some stuff and we headed to the Trick Eye museum after that yay :-) it was a truly eye opening experience and we had so much fun taking goofy photos! We didn’t start off that great cuz of miscommunication and cuz I thought he was upset w taking photos, but this boy is always so loving that he just gives a forehead kiss to apologise even if he wasn’t in the wrong. :) we had so much fun! And were rly awkward with photo taking haha since it was just us but it was a good time. Dined at Astons after that and we were so thankful we went early, cuz the queue for the museum was so long after that!!! (Since it was 50% off day)

On Tuesday, we weren’t supposed to meet cuz I was gna teach tuition and stuff, but it was quite sad cuz it was the last day of his block leave ;( once again, the universe worked in our favour and somehow my kiddo just wasn’t at home hahahha (turned out that the family was overseas and didn’t tell me?!!) so D and I met for Udders hehehe. We took a long night stroll after that, going crazy holding hands on the pavement and it was a beautiful night tgt before block leave ended :’)

The next weekend: 21/6/14, we decided to have our long awaited book date!!! Headed to Kinokuniya at bugis after running all our respective errands (TMVMT interview for me and logistics shopping for him), to read and buy books with our free vouchers hehehe ($250 worth!!!) it was just a joy sitting at our little corner, reading and sharing our thoughts about what we read, introducing favorite books to each other and reading to each other. I love how books enable you to be immersed in a whole new realm, learn new things and be able to share it with the one you love :’)

He sent me to Bedok after that, where we met my mama and had a drink tgt hehe and then I went to meet my homies for supper!!! It was great catching up :-) and I honestly haven’t eaten at bedok 85 before despite it being only a 5min walk away from home but omg we over ordered and couldn’t finish cuz of Kfh hahahaha but all is well, food was good!! Then they came over to my crib to ransack my baby photos hahahaha it was a great night, miss y’all friends ❤️❤️

Next morning was breakfast with D before my YWD meeting and DSA 3 BBQ meetup!! I had so much CHICKEN WINGS that weekend I felt so protein overloaded omg hahaha. But I love chicken wings 👍👍

Apart from that, also met Jinyu recently hehehe on 1/7 to catch up after not meeting for pretty long due to our respective commitments :( thanks to her, I got to leave daiso at peace with myself hahaha after making so many decisions. We had dinner at my place and caught up over food and transportation heh, really love how honest we can be with each other, truly a bestie I wanna keep and tie to myself forever :-)

— 2 weeks ago

Day 2 of japan in kobe!

Visited the Nunobiki herb gardens early in the morning after taking a 1hr train from Osaka. It was so pretty, beats gardens by the bay hands down oh gosh.
Took a walk to European town to take pictures, and then found crowds of people queuing at this restaurant. So we managed to find an authentic kobe beef restaurant WHICH WAS SO GOOD!!! It literally melts in your mouth when you chew and where in the world can you get authentic kobe beef, miso soup, rice, drink, salad at big portions for only $13… OMG love japan!!

After that, we went to visit the Inaji Shrine, and China town, before heading to Meriken Park where they preserved parts of the Earthquake debris, and that was pretty heartbreaking. But I was of course, amazed and proud of the Japanese’s resilience and hard work in rebuilding kobe. Walked around Meriken Park and went to harbor land to take photos and shop!!! :-) went to the major stores like H&M and the sale took me off guard. Dresses at $3 我的天!!! Harbor land was beautiful esp since kobe is a port city :-) Also visited the Anpanman aka 面包超人 mall which was super cute hahaha, with anpannan hair salons etc!!! Walking to the train station also unveiled more shopping that ended super fruitfully :-) new bag at $7 whoop!
That was the end of a fulfilling day! And a very short update.

— 3 weeks ago
Someone like you

I’ve had this realisation that at any point in time, most of us will have that one person that we update our entire life to. Be it text messages or phone calls. Just slightly pondering on the question of why?

Well, when you’re attached then its going to be your boyfriend, whether in army or not, I update D about things that I’ve done /am doing, and the feelings or thoughts that I experience. The times when I was not attached, I think I speak for everyone I guess, you just happen to have someone in your life to tell everything to! A girl friend, a guy friend, just a friend who bothers to update you about his/her life, and listen to you talk or rant about your. And thats nice, I guess it’s how human relationships evolve overtime. :) It’s nice that we all have someone to relate our life stories too, and talk about hopefully anything and everything, and best if you can strip off all pretense and be real. Just some random thoughts in my head. 

Of course its sad sometimes that, the person you used to talk to so much, just isn’t talking to you anymore (?). Life happens I guess. And indeed, there are those of us who just have multiple chats buzzing. 

— 3 weeks ago

Osaka Day 1 & 2 :-)

Afternoon flight from Sg! Watched HER which was sucha whacko movie, the Lego movie and the grand Budapest hotel on the plane. Touched down in Osaka, took a 1 hr train ride to our hotel and settled in for the night :-)

Next morning was
Breakfast at the train station -> Visiting Soka HQ -> Shopping at Crysta Underground Street -> visiting Soka Culture Centre in Osaka -> Shinsaibashi Street Shopping yayyums -> Umeda for kiddy land shopping hehehe -> Ippudo Ramen for dinner and hotel! :-)

— 3 weeks ago
Gado Gado

… means Indonesian Salad, and I’ve been hearing it all the time, plus it sounds cute haha. Working at an indo restaurant now, and the perks are staff lunch (free yay and yummy), and how I take only 10min to go to work/come home :). Work has been pretty ok! Started on tuesday, and shifts are super flexible, good way to kill time too. Not very close to my colleagues yet, the dudes are v nice so that’s good. F&B is pretty fun haha, but its tiring to stand and peak periods are a little difficult too! 

Mm yesterday I decided to go down to NUS to check out Science Rag and see whether I wanna join. Turned out to be quite a pleasant personal experience, though I didn’t make many “friends” haha, especially since I didn’t bother to go for SCAMP. I was fashionably late by 4hours cuz of work, but the fun started when I got there I think! They were doing cheer stunts and dance lifts, and omg its super fun esp cuz I LOVE HEIGHTS. Getting lifted, and stuff was super cool (and I ended up watching cheer vids that night, omg KR STEPPERS are damn good). 

We did this cradle thing idk what its called, but its damn nice. Like I can’t describe it in any way, basically its a partner stunt so guy + girl, and the girl spins around and the guy catches you in such a romantic way! Have to teach Daniel the guy part so we can do it tgt and rly be a dancing couple whoop :D But yeah, also realised that cheerleaders need to have super good core and muscles, so dancers do make good cheerleaders hahaha yay us. 

In any case, the experience yesterday prompted me to write a post about local vs overseas education, in my personal opinion. My leader once told me, after I gave her a sum-up of my reasons, that I should make decisions not based on how others would judge me. But sigh, 说得容易:( and yes i know, the problem with me is that I’m not satisfied that I’m not getting enough BABANG for my grades, bcuz I dont wanna do meds, or law or all those professions people do for prestige (and out-rightly admit it/ secretly know themselves, do it just to show that they did well for As (but actually just one time lucky lor srsly, whole JC life also never see you do well) )  Ok sab, rmb long term perks long term perks, I will have a husband, a family, vacations, live the life and not have to slog and be on call and stay overnights etc. I will not be slogging (as intensively). #perks #perks #perks Of course, if you rly have a passion for saving lives both medically/ justifiably then ok go for it, you have my support. (note to self: getting v mean sigh but what to do)

I guess staying local.. academically, USP is an attractive thing. Intellectual people, environment, a name and brand to itself, cinammon college (which I finally got to applying) and so the pros are pretty good. Plus, my education and hostel fees are entirely free thanks to the scholarship, so I basically get a free uni education. 

BUT IN IMPERIAL, I get to meet people from all over the world!!!!!!! And the culture is amazing, its all so amazing. AMAZING. IMPERIAMAZING. Its just what an overseas education can do to you, yknow, OPEN YOUR EYES, see what singaporeans dont see, know what singaporeans dont know, and rly know things, be a general knowledge QUEEN, live the english life. *.* So amazing :( to be cultured, independent, seriously cultured, international, globalised plus the prestige that carries with it. Honestly, 16 rankings apart! Ok lah I know rankings dont give a whippie, but still! 

BUT I’ll miss my family, and the relationships we’ve just painstakingly built up. I’ll miss D, a lot. A LOT. :( I remember how we had this conversation, about LDR and how we both cried bcuz of it, I guess that shows how much we love each other :’) He’s so supportive, that he just wants the best for me, and I just wonder what we’d do on annis and birthdays and special random dates we have, and all he says is that he’ll do whatever it takes to make it the same, even fly over just to see me and have family skypes etc. :’) I’ll miss my friends, a lot too. I guess when you’re on different continents, you’d probably just miss out on everything that’s potentially happening in your circle of friendships, same for dance SIGH. 

I shall continue waiting and pondering and hope that my pathway gets cleared up soon. Till then. 

— 4 weeks ago