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Stuck in a limbo and directionless again. Have a WCT paper due on Monday night, but I also have so much so much on my mind. 

What to do moving forward? :( 

Well, school at NUS has been great. I feel extremely blessed to have legibly been able to experience all that I’ve wanted from a local education (so far). From RAG, to USP and my amazing module of Narratives :) USP Professors have been amazing too and its a small and tightly knit community really, that I’m so happy to be proud of. Taken on a new leadership position as Vice President of Community Life, and though coping with the immense difference of leadership autonomy in university vs in JC is tough, and the steep learning curve as well, I’m glad to say that I’m really making the best out of my local uni education here at NUS. Scoring B+s for WCT which is really great for me, especially since USP has freaking high standards for essays i kid you not. And I also topped my class and got 9/10 for one of my life sciences essay which was meant to be killer and stuff! Been through a few tests and idk my results yet but yeah have been doing well. :) Oh and am taking Thai this seem for fun, doing well hahahahaha.

Pretty satisfied with local university life apart from the woes of commuting even if its on shuttle buses because they’re so crowded. After I came to terms with staying local, I really did do my best in making the best out of it, but then also realising that I’m falling back to my old traps of pragmatic thoughts, servant leadership, instead of pursuing dance. All these thoughts catch me in a limbo all the time. I mean yes I got into blast from 300 applicants to 77 accepted, but dance in university seems to be a very self and personal seeking journey, which I perhaps may not have the time for (for now at least). Feel rather bumped about that. 

Apart from the sadness of that, my LSM modules have been great. Physiology by Prof Ip who is legitly inspirational and a good teacher/prof :) And of course 1103 which really made me super fascinated about animals and plants and biodiversity in general, I learnt so many new things! did you know that a strawberry is not a berry, but a banana is a berry? And we got to go to Changi Beach to examine real marine life form, see jellyfishes, crabs etc and how they’ve adapted to their surroundings! And also the zoo (which I have many mixed feelings about) to understand the order of mammals. 

And now, when I’ve embarked on 10 weeks of local university life, come to terms with it and am making the best out of it, the amazing MOE tells me that I’ve finally got the chance I wanted. The Education Merit Scholarship to go study in Imperial. Fate plays amazing jokes on you. What do I do now? :( 

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"We are mosaics. Pieces of light, love, history, stars… Glued together with magic and music and words."
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Current thoughts while doing WCT and reading :/ topic on voluntourism.

There’s too much need in this world. And us as individuals, why are we so small? Everytime I see something unjust, I want to do something about it, but the means to go about doing it and the length of time taken and everything bcuz you’re just one small person is so long arduous and inefficient. Why can’t change and effect be made quicker, why are we so small that we can’t help everyone sigh :(

Why is there so much unjust :(

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My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

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So… University in Singapore has started, and its the time of your life when you’re free to be independent, make decisions and choose the path you’d wish to take. The feeling of having so much onus on yourself is truly daunting, especially for my case when nothing is set in stone yet. 

Truthfully speaking I’ve been enjoying my NUS experience, predominantly shaped by USP. (Still hate the fact that its overcrowding, which is like #1 reason why I wanna go abroad). But underneath all that, I still have tons of decisions and dilemmas to make. :( 

1. Local vs Overseas

2. MOE vs NUS 

3. FO vs House Capt vs COGL

4. Blast vs Synergy vs both

5. Macbook or not :(

And amongst all that, I am already taking more than I can handle (and actually enjoying it! as usual hahaha), 2 IFG sports, connectuition, teaching tuition outside, CCAs galore haha sighpie sabbie tay when will you ever learn. 

In any case, the USP experience has rly proven to be amazing, and I truly do enjoy a multi/interdisciplinary environment for learning instead of science-ing everyday :/ decisions decisions decisions!!

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Day 6 in Japan! :-)

Visited osaka castle early in the morning, and the history behind this monument was rly smth formidable. It started raining halfway hahaha so we went to seek shelter and then pedo at the cute kids heh, as well as the adorable doggie!!!

Went to Umeda and omg somehow we just managed to find an amazing teppanyaki restaurant that was so cheap and SO GOOD w teriyaki spaghetti, miso soup and beef!!! :-)

Then went to the Ramen museum in Ikeda, learnt about the history of cup noodles through interactive displays and then got to make and design my own!!! It was super cool, designing my packaging and then doing all the adding of ingredients etc etc myself!! :-)

Went for amazing sushi for dinner 😘😘😘

Went back to the hotel, changed and headed to SPA WORLD. Great themed experience. The spa area was Greek themed for June and it felt rly serene to soak in the waters there. Plus I also went for like the salt sauna etc!! Super value for $$ :-)

Got back to the hotel and started packing my goodies heh.

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You’re insecure, dont know what for :(

More backlogs to clear:

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Currently, overwhelmed by thoughts of going overseas bcuz its actually happening soon. Going for my 2nd EHA soon, and I secretly hope they do give me the EMS, if not then I’m okay with the O one :( IDK SIGH. Rly loving some of the USP friends I’ve made, and rag has been crazily fun (and relatively slack compared to other facs, but i think we still gna own man hahaha). Been up and busy, I dont feel like I’ll have time for this space anytime soon SO BETTER CLEAR THE BACKLOGS :( 

ok xoxo, hope everyone’s doing well!! 

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Damn good Chirashi don.

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Japan Day 5, spent in Kyoto. I think the .jpegs speak a great story alr, but it’s a pity that I can only upload 10!!!! :(

Anyway, apart from the torii gates, which are like a few hundred thousands of them set on top a mountain. So really, you’re actually climbing a mountain while admiring the torii gates!!! But of course, it took a toll on us when we reached mid mountain and just couldn’t climb anymore OMG.

After that, took the train and spotted some super adorable japanese school children!!!! Naww :-) went to this tennoji temple I think, that I’ve been before so I didn’t rly go in, but accompanied my cousins on another TORTURING CLIMB. Before that, we had delicious udon and ice cream along the streets :-)

Then we walked even more, to the 一街 and 二街 or smth hahaha and saw rly beautiful architecture :-) at that time I also saw this girl whom was from raffles and whom I found on Instagram, was in Kyoto too!! Mutual friends + stalking HAHAHAH. Felt quite funny.
Did a bit of shopping along the way, and then we walked to Gion!! (Geisha territory), before that we had Starbucks hahahah. Anw a pity we couldn’t see any geisha there :(

Headed back to the hotel and that’s about it!!! oh. I had the best Chirashi don ever for dinner yeah man.

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Fushimi Inari Shrine

WHICH IS SO PRETTY IT WARRANTS 10 photos on it. ❤️❤️❤️

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Japan Day 4!

The start of our adventures in Kyoto :) it was such a magical place, cultural and filled with beautiful sights that seemed to come right out from a postcard.

We took a 1hr train ride from Osaka to Kyoto (and have I mentioned how awesome it is that the Japanese install wifi in their train stations??), and arrived at Arashiyama which is basically a town/street with lots of street food, souvenir shops and all things Kyoto. The main highlight was of course the majestic Arashiyama bamboo forest which as the name suggests, is a forest of bamboos!!! So pretty right :) nature at it’s best!!! It was so crowded so nice pictures were slightly difficult to take, but somehow my family managed to find this place to take photos hahahhaha.

The shopping was great as well, Kyoto products and delicacies. For me, I bought an iPhone cover made in Kyoto and hence is probably one of those that nobody has in singapore hehehe yay. There were also hello kitty shops and many souvenir shops to pique the interest of tourists. After shopping and dining at Arashiyama, we took a taxi down to the Golden Pavillion as it was starting to drizzle! The cab fare was super cheap btw! 600¥ so about $7 odd

The Golden Pavilion itself was also very majestic and the history of it dates back to 1300s, and even with war and strife in the past, the Pavilion was not destroyed and stood tall till today! Every detail of the structure is v intricate, especially the bronze Phoenix above it hahaha.

Spent some time walking around the entire historic area before taking a taxi down to Kyoto station to check out the Kyoto tower and taking a train back to Osaka! Then we went to the shinsaibashi and dotonbori streets near our hotel to shop and eat yay :-)

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